Mando Practice, Derp, Organizing Pantry, Trailer, Seed - Friday


It's fog season now and we are looking at a week of minimal temperature change, likely fluctuating in a 10 degree range. It makes for some often dreary days but yesterday we managed to break out of it and get some sunshine for once.


With J to school and R up for the day I spent my hour working on the basics. I went back and rewatched the how to hold the mando, right hand and left hand technique along with the strumming patterns. I have been questioning the positioning of my left hand, whether I am holding the neck too much in the crook of my thumb or if my technique is developing okay. I tend to hold the neck away from my hand more as I tend to mute the E string if I am not careful. is super helpful and I am getting a lot from each video. I wish he had a crypto donation option.


Jax went derp mode again. He loves to lay square on his back on the hard laminate flooring. I'll never understand how that can be as comfortable as he makes it look.


See the sun does still shine! At times it feels like it will never show itself again then the breaks in the fog and clouds and we get a little reprieve.


I spent a good amount of the day working on the pantry and the kitchen, We have let bags of food stuffs gather too much and I hadn't put it all into buckets. Finally I have all the bags sorted to bins and it makes the pantry start to become organized. I'm SUPER happy that I made the shelves in the pantry the height I did as the icing buckets fit PERFECTLY on them.


One REALLLY good reason to go through the pantry items is this. We grow our own pumpkins every year and have had these cans sitting on the shelf for a long time. Kinda forget about them back there on the shelf, specially when we actively don't use them. Well as I was moving things around I saw a dark moldy spot on the shelf and after a moment I realized this can of pumpkin had detonated. Okay so no explosion but it did pop a seam and blew goo out the bottom.


God only knows how long it was there in this condition.


But this could be the explanation.... 12 years old..... Ooopfh.

All the other cans went right outside to get thrown away as they are best by 2011. Yoikes.


@stryeyz got home from work and after dinner we headed down to pickup the Azure order for the month. That was an hour endeavor and once we were home an unloaded I had to hook the trailer up for grain this morning. As I was kicking the tongue around to break it free from the snow the ring clip popped and the jack fell off. Thankfully the trailer is not a beast or weighted down so I could lift it onto the ball then fix the jack.


The truck got parked and ready for this morning, which I have already been to town and back for the grain.


Went down to the tent and found my @bifbean popped. Put in soil Monday and popped Thursday. I can't wait to se what the Kung Pao does. Nice strong start to it and it's likely just barely got its toes out of the seed starting mix into the good soil around it.


An earlier night as I was tired and rather sore as I had tweaked something in my right shoulder blade. It still hurts this morning even after trying to work the knots out.


I went and got grain already but still have to figure out how to empty them out with all the snow on the farm, I've got my daily mando practice to do, writing to do since I skipped yesterday, the pantry and kitchen are still getting organized, and I want to start some tomatoes in the tent and I need to pot up the peppers in hopes that they will actually take off for me.

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Glad to see that little head leaking out of soil!