Good thing I checked my weedcash blog, they still censor me!

I'm out of weed finally anyway, I quit again for 6 months!! My "friend" stole my last half pound, so I'm dry! That's why I've been in such a bad mood lately!!

I can't wait for a few days until the WEED withdraws go away. I write better when I'm sober because I can think more clearly. I've been smoking straight for 10 months, and I just smoked my last bowl ten minutes ago!! Now starts cold Turkey! 🦃🦃🍗

At least I create better when I'm stoned!! I'd love to puff again, but there's no weed around. I live isolated from people so there is no pot!. I don't like people that much anyway, because they always scam me! Even my last GF @mauialohabella that i knew for 20 years just scammed me for a computer and threw a TRO on me so I can't get it back??? That's my account now by thew way, but she still has the key so she might still jack it!! I'm not going to change the key, I'm planning on sending millions of ASSHOLES to her account and make her the asshole queen! She's going to be my asshole-voter, but she better not steal them too!! My gut says she won't go that far, in reality I don't think she knows how. Doubt she finds this post and even reads it!? She has some of my Bitcoin too and won't give them back. It's all her's now legally, I should've thought of that before?? That's the other reason I've been so pissed off lately, she just got a TRO for a threatening email I sent her. I wished death upon her, lol!! I was just joking, guess she wasn't following me on steemit. I didn't go to court and defend myself and she got me blocked for 3 years!! She's been ghosting ever since she got her way!!

Anyhow it was another girl that just stole my weed!

OMG I've had it with people, but you already knew that I bet! I don't go out that much either anymore since crowds freak me out, and I would never buy pot from a stranger!! . Oh yeah maybe I'll buy some CBD weed from the store? Hmm, I think I'm better off spending that on BTC though!!

Here's the story about how I got my WEED JACKED!!

These nugs were from my #Vacuum-Seal Test way back at the beginning of harvest!! After Vacuum sealing the herbs I put them in the freezer for 6 months until I needed them! I know you'r not liking the looks of this already, but it worked and these #nugs stayed green and fresh for when I needed them! They got harder though, totally different, but it is a good trick to retain some color in your weed for a longer period of time!!

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 7.28.12 PM.png
I know what you're thinking... "Compreso!"
Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 7.27.56 PM.png

This last harvest was a douzie!

There is plenty of demand for the Maui Wowe that's for sure!! I ended up meeting a girl on one of those dating apps, she wanted lots of of O's from me fast, too fast. After countless Os she started wanting more! It got kinda suspicious when she asked me how many I had left, but I had no reason to suspect anything yet. I told her I was nearing the end of my supply some time soon. Next thing I know she wanted QPs and then HPs. Finally on the last HP (half Pound) she pulls some crap about Braddah in Hana is pissed about some Moldy weed!!

I sealed the weed up for her with my Vacuume sealer, but I suppose she didn't check it after she got to Hana and unsealed it in that damp and moldy environment!

There is a good chance it did probably go bad so I said fine, I'll take the weed back. Instead of agreeing she kept arguing with no point about it, so I simply had to tell her no more weed for you, goodbye!

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.41.47 PM.png

So that's my weed story / finale from last season's crop.

The moral of this story is if someone asks you a question that is none of their business and has to do with business, weed, or anything, just don't answer. Also, always follow your gut and first instincts. My first instinct was "What does this girl think I'm crayzy... front her?" But I didn't listen to myself and tried to look nice instead of smart! Finally, don't take any chances with your weed. And you know what else, I'm finally out of weed and right back where i started last year!! wow #DryTimes again!!!lol

It's O.K. there's always next season!!

And here's what my weedcash blog looks like!

I quit flagging @coffeebuds a long time ago, maybe it's time to go pay him a visit,I think so!! (After I re-charge)
These guys are like some kind of clique or gang.
Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 9.01.58 PM.png

This is probably my last post here on WeedCash because you greyed out my blog the community has spoken! They don't like @firealieans! Not like I did anything bad with this account...Did I?

It's been a battle here the whole time!

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