AVID HEMP CBD Flower Review! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



AVID #HEMP CBD #Flower is pretty cryp!

I picked up a little 7 gram container of this 18 to 20% CBD for $45, it’s nice to be able to buy it at the store. It's just about as stoney as some of my homegrown, it smells good, tastes killer, and is less filling! I can barely tell the difference. If I got pulled over with this stuff I'm sure I'd get arrested and would have to prove the CBD to the judge! lol I just took a bong hit and it really tasted like the super cryp!! D7161425-FA68-4D88-BC7D-F61DE910BB65.jpeg It’s clearer weed, my mind doesn’t get into such a stoney haze, it gets just right!

I actually do feel the β€œstone” from #cbd pot, and I like it!

If it weren’t so expensive I’d buy it more often! But weed grows on trees, so I think πŸ€” I had better focus in that and grow me some more trees instead! 🌲


Here's the Keiki, starting to #veg them out for next year already!


I give this CBD BUD FLOWER 5 Stars out of 5!


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