RE: Hashkings "Blunt" and dcity WEED farm Giveaway!

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I come to this thread my friend it is an excelent idea to give away to new players, to increase exposure to the game, however most of the accounts participating are "old / mature" / "well-off" players.... (like myself) who have no need for such a thing, but to stack it next to their other 200.

Most if not all accounts participating i recognice as the greedy oponent of mine in the #dCity presidential election, ms.desyfit. Ms... Ms. @desyfit, you have way too many weed farms already.

Talking of wich, have you gatherd your SIM power to vote for Eythorphoto in the upcoming presidential election? it is a classic story of good and evil, well actually angelic goodness vs evil vs evil. if we count opponent @rishi as a candidate... LOL ...

Both of them have gay sex scandals during this last election season, (wich only is like 14 dayz, i mean i havent been arrested now for well over a month, i was smart about this. You dont do no petty crime when running for #dCity office.

Both have no knowledge whatsoever of the needs of the regular joe in the playerbase...

VOTE EYTHORPHOTO! EYTHORPHOTO!! EYTHORPHOTO´S OFFICIAL HOOLIGANS. (yeah i brought hooligans too the blockchain biatch)...

Serusly tough, remember too vote! i wanna do this preident thing!