I am posting these screenshots to build credibility, $SSPK is the steal of 2021


It is somewhat fraudulent of me to be taking such a high risk stock position when I am in default on my student loans. I have $22,000 of Silver Spike Acquisition Corporation aka Weedmaps, plus call options controlling $57,000 more stock. When the SPAC merger closes in (I'm guessing 6 months) and the symbol changes to Weedmaps, I predict the stock will go to $30-$40 from $24 today when the retail traders discover it. This could all go terribly wrong, but I am already on a payment plan with my student loans, and I have a day job to keep the lights on. The default will be taken off my credit report this year.

My highest student loan balance: $195,000
Current balance: $179,000. ($139,000 are private loans in default, $40,000 are stafford loans in good standing).

You can also follow my debt repayment and trading on twitter: https://twitter.com/chriseubankz