Consolidating My Tokens for Weedcash to Create My First NFT

As the title suggests, I will be consolidating some tokens I've earned on the Hive-engine and purchasing WEED in both the Pool and the Spot market (traditional trade). Earlier this week, I was offered to buy some directly from a user but I've declined that and thought I'll just buy straight from the markets to support the token on-chain to drive up at least a little bit of movement in the positive direction.

Now, I have not purchased anything yet, however, I will be buying WEED BEFORE the end of this month. There will be a post about the purchases I've made and about my request to be whitelisted on the Weedcash NFT Marketplace in the near future. The maximum that I will buy is roughly 1,000 WEED (Current value: ~$9 USD at it's current price $0.009). Sure it isn't a lot, but I do want to be clear that the purchase is coming from organic growth on-Chain. I'm taking the turtle approach, not the hare. lol

Also, in just about another month, I'll be able to start posting more content to the community. Possibly pictures or even images of growing cannabis as well. I have not been able to do this for a while due to some legal issues but hopefully everything will be resolved soon enough.

Hope you all stick around, and be sure to look around the Weedcash NFT Marketplace to support other artists!

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