Been A While For Weedcash And I


Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted directly to the Weedcash community. I've been a bit distracted and I'm not really in a position to post cannabis related things right now but I am here to post an update on my progress with the community.

I haven't been here for that long, yet the support from the community has been great. I am almost to my goal of reaching 1000 Weedcash staked. It took me a while and with my hiatus it hasn't been helping much but I've still been curating and popping in every once in a while in the comments. It's been a good time but honestly I've been focusing on building up my video content outside of this community and this account. (Be sure to follow my main account @esecholito)

For those unaware, I am a small YouTuber that covers political and gaming content with controversial positions and edginess (my content isn't for everyone, lol).

Even though I will still be building up my video content, I'll probably be doing some cannabis related content in the future. Very likely I will follow up on some interesting news regarding cannabis legislation (Federally and for the South East US). Of course it would probably be video content instead of text, depending how I feel. Don't forget to help me reach my goals by supporting my content, I'd greatly appreciate it; you've all already been very supportive already, I don't want to be ungrateful, so thank you all very much!

That's it for now, stay tuned to see what I conjure up. If there are any cannabis related tycoon games, let me know! I would love to play them for my gaming channel.

Take care everybody, and keep toking!

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