Psyber X Top 5 Suggestions by Killerwot

Authored by @killerwot

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Psyber X has a lot of potential as a game using not only the Play-to-Earn aspect but, also just as a game in general. The thing I love about these crypto games is that I'm able to live that dream that most of us gamers have had since picking up our first game. Getting paid, to play video games. But, I thought I would write a post of the top five things I'd like to see in the game as a gamer first and a crypto enthusiast second.

Before I get started I just wanted to say, I wouldn't expect these to be in the game on launch, but, if they were to be included after the game releases I think they would be good additions. Also, I don't know if any of these have already been planned or not. All of these thoughts are just hypothetical. Now, without further ado, let's get on with the list.

1. Ranked/ Unranked Matches
I'm not saying that we need them from the start, but, at some point, it would be great to see. As with a lot of games, sometimes we end a match and think, "I shouldn't have died there." These feelings are just part of gaming and it's important to dust yourself off and load back in. I just think it would be important at some stage to decide on whether you want to play ranked or unranked. Why is it important?

I think when money is on the line for each match, knowing that nobody has any advantage or disadvantage compared to you is important. Like Fortnite, when you start everyone has nothing and must loot to find weapons and shields, you can get lucky or unlucky and be taken out easily or go on to win. The important thing is everyone is the same.

Starting the game with everyone using the same weapons and perks, or better yet being able to choose from 3 or 4 loadouts would be a good way of doing this. I usually use a sniper in games I play, so the option to choose your playstyle while going into ranked matches would be great. While unranked means you can use all of the gear you've accumulated over the course of your time in Psyber X.

2. Squad Play
Pretty self-explanatory, we all know that gaming is fun and a way of relaxing for a lot of people. But, most games are better with friends, so I think for any game, the chance to Squad up with friends before a match is a good way of sharing your experience with some buddies.

Not only would it be great for the quality of life of the game, but it would also be a good way of getting more people involved in it. Especially if you gave an incentive to people to get others involved, by maybe rewarding people for referring friends to join the world of Psyber X. It'll not only help the game but, also help Hive.

3. Quests
Daily's, Weekly's and Monthly's, which not only help gain EXP but, will also give you some kind of goal, they don't have to be overly complicated. Get a certain amount of kills, visit a certain amount of locations, etc.

This kind of leads to another thought, some kind of reward, like gaining the odd crate for reaching a certain level or achieving some kind of goal.

4. No Stakes Matches
After a while it would be cool to decide whether or not you want to play for money or not, I know that defeats the purpose of Play-to-Earn. But, sometimes I play a game and I'm sure we've all been there, where you know after the first few minutes that you aren't, "in the zone." I think a way to help those of us that aren't playing the best on a given day, would be, to have the option to play for no stakes, just to give yourself a few matches to warm up.

Also, this kind of leads to another idea. Having the chance to play matches that are random and more aimed at having fun than playing competitively. Halo 3 back in the day had some great player-made games which I spent so much time playing. Like infection, where you kill someone and they turn into a zombie that helps you turn every player in the match to win. Another one I loved was called prison break, I think. Where everyone starts in cells and there is a warden who has to keep an eye on the others and stop them from escaping.

I'm not saying these specific game modes have to be included they're just examples, but, having some modes that are geared more towards messing around would be important. As sometimes constant competitive games get stressful/ boring.

5. Pay Based On Play
This could be controversial, also I don't want to sound greedy or anything. But, I think the amount you earn per match should be based on how well you played. I don't know if this will be incorporated in the game, I thought I would include it anyway.

I think if someone plays very well they should get more of the pot in the big team battles. Why? Well, I don't know if anyone else has come across these people in games who join your team and literally walk in a circle until the match is over. Basically farming exp, or cash in the GTA V heists. It's annoying, what would be more annoying is those players joining into these games and earning as much money as the rest of the team.

Let's not pretend it won't happen, every game suffers from these sort of issues, we can't just imagine that everyone will respect the rules and be chivalrous.

Those are just a few of the ideas I've been thinking of for Psyber X, as I said at the start of this write-up I don't expect all of these to be in the game upon release. I think what's important for the team like any game developer is to get the game in the hands of the gamers and work on adding to the game over its life cycle. I have a bunch of other ideas for Psyber X which didn't really fit into this post, I'm excited about the project, which is why my mind is kind of working overtime thinking about it.

@dynamicrypto responses

  1. Yes absolutely we will have all this & more. Ranked & unranked matches will be important to have.

  2. Yes squad play will be instrumental in this game.

  3. Yes I believe there are plans to make this a thing. AI single player modes with quests built into all aspects of gameplay.

  4. I am working on this, so far my solution is to set up several tournaments / brawls for 1 LVL entry fee and pay all the fees myself to get players having fun and earning my lvl tokens. (hope they rent my guns too)

  5. absolutely this is the case, the big earners will be huge investors and 10 year olds killing us all the time is my guess.

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Deadly, all my questions were answered. I can't wait for this game.


I am not a first person shooter type but I really excited for the world building aspects of this game. I know it will come later but I really want to see interoperability with other hive games. Like I want to be able to set up a stand on my land and sell my harvested dCrops to mercenaries or trade questers crops for seeds they found. Probably many years out if ever but that's what excites me.


Sweet hope i get some LVL love the graphics this game is just watching the videos


Thanks, I can't wait for the next music contest, once we get some more video content to combine...


i got some fire beats I could put on there to try it out


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