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Have you heard of Psyber X? It has been stirring up a buzz here on Hive over the last couple of months and I have to say, I'm excited about it. I was in the audience of the AMA the other night, which was the first official one, and I think there are going to be more of them in the future. It was very interesting hearing so much about the game in one go. Before the AMA all I knew about the game was that it was announced and it was a first-person shooting. The interview was transparent, there was some question that had been prepared before going live, but, the rest were asked live by different audience members as the talk went on.

If you want to join the Psyber X Discord follow the link there and get involved with the community.

What To Expect Upon Release
From what I've picked up from the AMA and other bits and pieces of information I've read while I've been following the project. To start off with, the game will release with a 50v50 Big Team Battle style game mode, where you compete for the pot.

The pot will be made up of payment by each player participating in the game. Now, one thing that stood out to me is that the bar to enter the game is low, there will be a payment to get into the game, but, it won't be too high to stop anyone from getting involved. Also by the sounds of it, when you play against people it won't be for a ridiculous amount of LVL Tokens either so there'll be nothing stopping you from playing it once you're in.

I do like the idea of a player needing to bet not only on themselves but, also on their team. So, get the practice in ladies and gentlemen, when everyone's money is on the line we want to see teamwork. I think there'll be a battle royale mode launching as well, so for any of the lone wolfs out there you'll be covered too.

As well as that for anyone who isn't the biggest fan of First Person Shooters, there is an option to turn your perspective to Third Person, which is great to hear, as I know a lot of people who aren't fans of the First Person perspective.

Psyber X I think is well capable of being one of the best Play-to-Earn crypto-based games on the market when it releases. As the creator of the game has said, the team is seeing Psyber X as being along the same lines as Call of Duty or Fortnite. Which I'm happy about, as I play those kinds of games a lot, without earning anything from them. However, adding in the Play-to-Earn aspects, to a game like them, brings a lot more attention to it and will have an active player base, based on the earning aspects.

But, by the sounds of it, the whole Play-to-Earn aspect of the game isn't the backbone of Psyber X. The creators are setting out to make something fun that will attract and hold players, the Play-to-Earn aspect to me seems to be there as the icing on the cake.

I think this game could be one of the stepping stones towards the future of gaming. What Hive is doing with giving people the freedom to earn crypto for essentially being on social media, is what the crypto gaming world wants to do for gamers.

Why I'm Excited
One thing I'm really excited about with Psyber X is the fact that we're all here right now while it is all being created and we'll be here on the first day of the game's release, which isn't going to be too far into the future.

I'm thinking of this like, imagine if you were there, hanging out while some of the people at Bungie were making the first Halo game. Having been a huge gamer my whole life, I think it's cool being here while it's all happening. If you enjoy gaming get involved with the project, the community is welcoming and happy to answer any questions anyone might have.

Here's a link to the White Paper if anyone wants to give it a read.

If you would like to find out some more about the game, here's the AMA video which was recorded live and uploaded to YouTube. It's just under one and half hours long and will catch you up on all things Psyber X, the hosts went into the details of many aspects of the game and it is well worth getting involved in at this stage.

Watch the AMA on YouTube


Thanks for reading, I do hope you enjoyed his perspective on the game & AMA.

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White Paper Released 2-16-2022

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