Day 5 for the Thermophilic Compost. I did my second turn.

I just recently completed my second turn on this thermophilic compost I am doing for the Soil Food Web School. I need to complete two consecutive thermophilic compost piles in a row in order to get a certificate and advance in the consultation program for the school. If I am successful with this pile than I need to do one more successfully.

PHEW! That was exhausting turning this compost pile. It did not help I was wheel borrowing woodchips all morning and was up since 2am.

Yup, I got up at 2am to check on the Compost and sure enough it was getting close 170 F, when measuring the temperature on top. The sides were 165 F. So just like @mrprofessor mentioned in a comment on a earlier post, I needed to make chimneys. I did this by using a 3/8ths inch wide garden stake with a conical pointy end. I poked about 15 holes total and about 3' deep.

My insta reel showing the steam from the 2am compost session

For 12 hours the compost pile stayed at 165 F, from 220am to 220 pm.

At the 12 hour mark of the compost's hot middle staying at 165 F, I turned the compost pile.

  • First by taking the top 1/3 and sides of pile and placing on a tarp.

  • Second by placing the hot middle on the bottom of a new cage I built.

  • Then I simply put the bottom third of the compost on top of the new cage I just filed up. Also, being mindful to break up any clumps or chunks of organic matter during the process.

I placed a tarp on top of the compost in a tent like fashion. Also the temperature heated right up to 135 F once I completed the pile, which is good because it seems to have enough power to successfully finish!

Maybe, it is time to put on some German Techno, watch the grass grow and relax...


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