#MyHiveGoals - April Goals and Weekly Report



Hello friends, back again for another weekly report of our growth on Hive!

My growth seems to be very steady since I've swapped my earnings to a 50-50 split, once I hit my goal of 500 HP about a month ago I used the imitative to start stacking up some HBD alongside my Hive, which I find to have been the right choice!

Curation rewards have seemingly been low recently (unsure why but that's how I see them viewing my own HiveStats daily) and have been low in comparison to previous months I've experienced, especially with way less HP than I currently have! Obviously the weight and value all plays a factor, but overall from my point of view I haven't been doing anything different than what I've always done

So swapping my pay outs allows me to saving up some HBD and deposit it into savings, while compiling the 20% APR (which was a fantastic update for our stable!)


With my previous few weeks earnings I withheld on depositing them into my savings account as I wanted to hold out for the price of Hive to drop in order to snag myself an extra amount of Hive while the price was cheap, I highly believe in the Hive Blockchain and feel this current price range will definitely be broken in the coming months and sky rocket us to a new bracket, with that being said I'd love as much liquid Hive as I can get my hands on while its "cheap"

These are just my thoughts and opinions but ever since joining Hive it quickly became my favourite blockchain, a lot of possibilities here and I feel we're very early in the grand scheme of things.

With that being said last week with my saved up liquid HBD I put in a buy order for Hive

47.610 HBD traded into 55.490 HIVE

fill order.png

if I was to convert my trade back right now I would end up with 52.715 HBD, so even in the small term I've made some "decent" profit.

I've now deposited it all into my saving account and here we have my current totals


back to my current day pay outs now I will be back to depositing every bit of HBD I receive into savings to close the gap between the difference in Hive and HBD.

I know it doesn't matter but my goal is to attempt to keep things quite equal, obtain 50 of each Hive/HBD then move onto saving up 100 of each then 150 of each etc.

Token Holding Update-

I include my diesel pool liquidity in these holdings for anyone wondering! so some coins may fluctuate a tad more than others. I'll display which pools I'm providing LP for down below!

TokenPrevious WeekCurrent WeekEarned
Hive Power550.068565.464+ 15.396
Hive59.623115.375+ 55.752
HBD93.10858.346- 34.762
LEO122.918126.377+ 3.459
ONEUP4,840.2965,106.644+ 266.348
BXT11.9512.36+ 0.41
BEE77.9880.04+ 2.06
PIZZA1,084.661,115.06+ 30.4
LOLZ704.666758.887+ 54.221
CENT1,050.8341,058.834+ 8
CTP229.811229.811+ 0
POB118.706120.749+ 2.043
SPT2,240.5872,273.82+ 33.233
SPS521.078538.723+ 17.645
VYB91.33698.714+ 7.378
VIBES23.51023.845+ 0.335
NEOXAG115.273116.319+ 1.046
WEED175.024233.144+ 58.12

Been making some good gains around the board this week although I haven't had as much time to post or curate for rewards.

Some tokens I haven't gained much on, if any at all because I made the active choice to sell a tiny bit of my tokens I receive for liquid SWAP.HIVE, it is not big amounts but over time they add up especially with tokens such as CENT, I find it to be a fantastic token and I'm nicely positioned with my 1050 Stake I believe, I could of course up my stake but I could also sell tokens I receive for curation to earn small amounts of hive such was even 0.10 on good days!

WEED is stacking up nicely also! Great community of like minded individuals with some great to read content, definitely would love my WEED stake to be in the 500's in the coming weeks.

ONEUP I've been earning a nice amount consistently, I've held off on powering up most of my tokens as I wanted to pool a mass amount of ONEUP I have which I did last night when rewards ended for the current pool and new ONEUP rewards added, it will now become harder to earn ONEUP so with my daily pool pay outs I think it will be a worthy investment to partake in.

Diesel Pool Positions-

I was holding out till most of the pools I was involved in, rewards dried up which a few did the last couple of days. with news they wouldn't be renewing certain pools rewards I just withdraw my liquidity in order to pool it in a different pairing or just power it up such as I did with LEO:ONEUP

My LEO is now powered up and my ONEUP has been pooled with SWAP.HIVE

I'm hoping more rewards will be added to the SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP pool in the coming days, along with the daily bonus I feel it will be a nice investment earning nearly my total pooled ONEUP back within the 100 days.

Of course if swaps happen I'll be gaining a lot more ONEUP but over the 100 day span who knows what the end results in my holdings will be, I am not going to add or remove any liquidity


Still on the prowl for more pools to join but I'm always conflicted which to jump into.

I feel I should join the PIZZA:STARBIT pool once again, just need to up my PIZZA tokens a little!

That's all from me this week folks, thank you as always for any kindness or support shown!


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Here is a little bit more Weed to add to your collection!

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Thank you my friend, I appreciate it! :D


Nice conversion. The fluctuations definitely help gain some little bits. Taking a rip in ur honor !LOL



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Congrats for your achieving🤑


Wow this is awesome. I've been trying to achieve some similar goals. What tool did you use for those first graphs?