Hive.Pizza Guild Scholarship - HashKings Harvest Report #10



Howdy Farmers I hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful day!

This will be the fourth harvest report out of the months delegations! So we still have one remaining harvests to look forward to due to an extra week accidentally being delegated for this period! Lets stack them BUDS!

This will be my tenth harvest report as a Pizza Guild HashKings Scholar! As always thank you to the PIZZA GUILD for the scholarship!

These delegations help up my BUDS earnings significantly and I can't thank the team enough!

A massive thank you again to the 🍕Pizza Guild🍕, this opportunity has been incredibly fun and enjoyable, I look forward to many more harvests with you all!



I farm for Creo's Chronics, I'm delegated 15 plots of South America land which allow us to plant two different seed types (not counting special seeds.)

Another week tracking the Panama Reds yield in comparison to Colombia Golds, excited once again to see the results, I think with this last yield I'll be able to say for certain if Panama Reds are better than Colombia Golds.

Copy of HK Harvest Table final.png

Total YieldFarmer ShareGuild ShareWater Used
3722 BUDS2605.4 BUDS1116.6 BUDS7,560 HKWATER

In comparison to last week here is the difference in numbers.

Total YieldFarmer ShareGuild ShareWater Used
-131 BUDS-91.7 BUDS-39.3+0 HKWATER

Seems our harvest this time wasn't close to being the best in terms of BUD returns, but comparing it to my previous harvest posts when planting Colombia Golds it seems this yield is still profitable but more so on even terms with Colombia Golds harvests.

On average, from all my previous Panama Red only cycles they definitely have paid more so for one average harvest, can't complain!


Lucky Seed Drops!

We have a 20% chance at returning a specific seed to the region per harvest, so if I have 15 plots of land to harvest said week, that's potentially 15 chances at free seeds, not bad chances!

Unfortunately this week I didn't have the lucky touch again and only returned one seed from my plot harvests! I'm starting to think I have some bad RNG!


Sucks for me, we try again next week!



This weeks harvest has just been dropped into the BUDS staking feature within HashKings!

@dubble transferred 2984.900 BUDS to @hk-stakingstake


It's fantastic to see the amount of Hive deposited into the pool daily for us to share amongst the stakers in the forms of BUDS. I think it was a great incentive and feature to add into the game.

It's definitely going to help a lot of players out long-term with earning some extra BUDS to increase their avatars XP levels but also help the market by long term locking up BUDS and not just dumping them onto the exchange, like myself for example!

I haven't sold a single BUD yet, I planned to save them all up from this scholarship to use forward joints, I could definitely do that now but the staking ability has rewarded me more than I expected, so why pull out now! my rewards are harvesting me more rewards, which in turn will help tremendously when I'm ready.

With Bang! Defence coming out soon too, that will be another way to earn some more BUDS and perhaps spend them too? Guess we will see!

Total DepositedTotal StakeEarned BUDS
56,021 BUDS63,772.502 BUDS+7,751.502 BUDS

We're up around 500 BUDS this week from staking alone. Amazing, on-top of my harvest yields and RAID returns, we are stacking the BUDS up quite nicely!



MOTA is another token within HashKings which you can receive by burning BUDS. I usually purchase any MOTA I need off the market, I have enough staked to return me two seeds each week, one per specific plot I own myself (not delegated to me.)

Thankfully the PGM command bot rewards a small amount of MOTA when used upon a comment so I've had the pleasure of receiving a nice amount of MOTA, enough to bump my stake back up and start earning seeds again.

I missed out on a seed this week for my Mexico land as I fell just below the threshold needed again for a second week running! Gotta keep up with the amounts currently being staked for which land pools!


On that note though I did top up my Mexico land with 0.1 MOTA and left my South America land untouched as I'm still receiving a free seed weekly from my MOTA stake!

I might need to think about dropping even more into my Mexican plot of land before next weeks seeds are distributed, wouldn't want to miss out on a seed for a 3rd week in a row.

Thankfully these do help quite a lot with harvests rewarding me a free one per week basically if you stake a 1:1 ratio with land, makes it quite chill!


What is
?🍕 Read more about it HERE!🍕





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!1UP Don't worry, even if you seem to be the most unlucky person in the world, one hour luck will come and you will receive much more seeds than expected, have faith!