First Extraction of Essential Oils with Homemade Extractor/Part II (Tutorial)


Hello smokers and crafters!
Today we will continue the post about homemade essential oil extractor! Today we will use it to produce THC oil from cannabis leaves.


Attention! Follow safety precautions when working with flammable gas!
Do not perform work indoors, it is explosive and fire hazardous!
Cannabis leaves are used as a sample and are not an invitation to use narcotic substances!
In most countries, growing and processing hemp plants is illegal. Familiarize yourself with all possible risks before experimenting!

So, we will need about 15 grams of dried and ground leaves!


First, we need to put a piece of cotton or a napkin on the bottom of the extractor. This is necessary so that the particles of the ground plant do not block the gas outlet. I use a piece of cotton disk for this.


After placing the disk at the bottom of the extractor, we start pouring the leaves, compacting them tightly inside. I use a marker for this.


After compacting the vessel to the brim, we screw on the lid.

A piece of heat-shrink tubing is already placed on our propane tank. It serves as a seal between the tank and the extractor.


I recommend continuing with gloves as the evaporating gas can cause unpleasant sensations, up to frostbite, when it comes into contact with the skin.

Then we turn the tank upside down and connect it to the extractor. Keep everything vertical.


We start injecting liquefied gas into the extractor with short presses. We feel how it noticeably cools down and becomes covered with condensate.
Make sure that the gas does not escape at the junction.
Gradually increase the pressure with short presses.


By this point, a transparent yellowish liquid should start flowing from the extractor nozzle. We collect it in a pre-prepared clean deep dish. The dish should have a glossy surface!


To demonstrate the danger of this process and accelerate the evaporation of gas, I lit a plate. You can see that this is really dangerous for experiments indoors!
Even with such rapid evaporation, soot remains on the edges of the plate, which negatively affects the purity of the final product.


It is best to evaporate the gas from the solution by placing the plate on a bowl of boiling water!
The bright color is due to the presence of gas bubbles in the solution.

It is very important to separate the gas residues from the thickening oil, as its residues are not useful for the human body.
To do this, it is important to keep the wax in a molten state as long as possible. (2-5 hours)


If you do not have a vacuum oven, then a couple of hours on a bowl of boiling water will be enough for final evaporation.

Then you need to cool the plate and use a blade to remove the layer of the desired substance.


Enjoy pure and fragrant contents without foreign impurities!


Wishing everyone bright warm sunshine and huge, juicy cannabis buds!


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This is probably the first time I'm seeing someone do something different with cannabis other than smoke it 😅.

You should definitely come join us tomorrow for #creative-sunday at the Hive Learners community to share more amazing DIY like this. I also will be nominating this post for some upvote from them.

Here's a link to read more about #creative-sunday.


I think that my information is not suitable for all communities))
In any case, thanks for the support and help in the promotion! Maybe I can take part in your party tomorrow, thanks for the invitation!