🌱 Beginning of my Second GrowReport (Auto Colorado Cookies by Bob Marley seeds) Hive Exclusive


Hello fellow Smokers and Growers, Gardeners and casual Readers of my blog!

As you may have guessed from the previous post, I did purchase additional autoflowering seeds in order to speed up the harvest, as promised and talked about the seed bank I ordered seeds from, which variety I chose and what bonuses I received as a gift with my order.

Now the moment has come when I should tell you about the fate of my seeds after the purchase.

this video was sent to me by the seller to the question of how to properly germinate their seeds.

I don't like to germinate seeds on cotton pads because there is a risk of the root sprouting directly into the cotton, which makes it difficult to transplant the germinated seeds directly into the ground, but this time I decided to follow the seller's germination recommendations and used a cotton pad.


I put two cotton pads in the bottom of the glass, moistened them with rainwater, put the purchased seeds on top and covered them with another disk


The next day, I noticed that the tips of the roots appeared from two seeds, and the third remained unchanged.


A day later, the roots became long enough for planting in the ground, which we will do now.


When transplanting a plant, it is important not to damage the delicate tip of the root with hard seeds, so do not use a tall narrow vessel for germination, as I did. I had to tilt the glass at an angle of 90 degrees, so that the grain gently rolled under its own weight onto the plane of the tweezer handle.


Gently transfer the grains to pre-prepared holes and place them with the roots down.



I lightly sprinkled the landing site with a thin layer of earth, so that it would be easier for the root to grow down into the soil, instead of pushing the sprout up! This promotes deeper rooting.


On the second day of being in the soil, we see such healthy shoots.



A few more days, until the plants get stronger, they will be under plastic covers, and then they will be "released"



Regarding the third grain, I turned to the seller, who guaranteed 100% seed germination, and we agreed without any problems that he could send me another seed.


I was not entirely happy with this situation and I asked for a discount promotional code for the next purchase, to which the seller's representative kindly agreed.
I plan to continue working with this seedbank in the future.


As a result, in my garden now I have 2 Tatar Rockets, 3 Yalta Kush, from the Crimean Seeds seedbank and 2 Auto Colorado Cookies from Bob Marley.
A "wild garden bed" with unknown genetics of my friend's experiment shows itself just as well too!
Therefore, in the future, my grow report will be divided into two parts. One part will be devoted to the growth of Crimean photoperiod plants (Tatarskaya Rocket, Yalta Kush and "wild garden"), and the second part to the process of growth and maturation of autoflowering plants of the Colorado Cookie variety

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☮️ Wishing everyone bright warm sunshine and huge, juicy cannabis buds!



Off to a great start - I've had a Bob Marley strain pre roll, it was premium and a solid buzz, it'll be fun to see this one grow.


Your comment is reassuring! I have never dealt with this seedbank before.
I will keep updated on their progress.