420 Happy Hour Thursdays are back!



The Original #420HappyHour is back at The Wake-N-Bake Café and CANJAM Retreat in Negril, Jamaica!

The holidays are among us and the COVID lock-downs are at ease, it's time to get back to the cannabis-infused shenanigans at @canjamretreat.

With a new Band (The Ancestors), our premium edibles, high-grade bud, and enlightening mushrooms, every Thursday will be one to remember!

Visit CanJamRetreat.com to RSVP!

For more Cannabis/Mushroom-infused products, events, room packages and crypto deals visit CanJamRetreat.com

For more pics and traditional bookings, view our listing on Booking.com

Hive, Bitcoin, Ether, and most popular stable coins accepted on our website via @hivepay-io!

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Bless up!

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