A little about Macro Nutrient Calcium

Hey WeedCash Crew
This time I'm going to talk a little about calcium, a very important element in cultivation.


Calcium is critical for cell growth and is needed to preserve the permeability and integrity of the cell membrane, which ensures the proper flow of nitrogen and sugar, as well as stimulating enzymes that help build strong cell walls and healthy roots.

This element has little mobility within the plant, so we will see symptoms of its deficiency in the medial part of the plant.

Calcium is most required in systems such as DWC and coconut hydroponics, especially in soilless cloning media, so take note!!

If it takes root in water or aeroponics systems, add a little calm, as it will undoubtedly be welcome!


You must be wondering, well, if I grow organic, I don't need to worry about the lack of this element? The answer is no! Because, even in organic crops with adequate levels of calcium, its absorption will end up being blocked in very cold and humid climates or in soils with very acidic pH, the same goes for crops in inert soil.

Calcium deficiency can be caused by the low availability of this element in the nutrient solution or soil, excess nitrogen, magnesium, potassium and sodium in the root zone can hinder its absorption, in addition to very humid or cold climates as mentioned above can cause problems in transporting this nutrient.

To solve this problem, we must measure pH and ppm and make the necessary adjustments.
We can notice as symptoms a slow growth of flowers and fruits, so the harvest can be drastically reduced, the leaves of the middle part of the plant have yellow and brown spots in irregular shapes on the inside and on the margins of the leaves, which in turn end up deforming, the roots are very sensitive and in a very intense lack they can even start to die


Excess calcium causes blockage of the elements potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese, so it can be easily confused with the lack of one of these elements, the solution as in general basically consists of washing the soil or changing the nutrient solution with pH and ppm regulated.

A lot of people remember macronutrients and end up forgetting the other elements, which are just as important!

Screen Shot 20220612 at 21.54.22.png

Have you ever had a problem related to the lack or excess of this element?
How was your experience?
Tell us here in the comments!


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When I first start growing I was using RO water with no cal/mag! It got bad, and was getting lockout every damn time when hit flower.