TPB Partner To Launch Hemp Smokes


Is this one of the best partnerships for the Trailer Park Boys so far?

They just recently launched their own hemp smokes in partnership with Hemptown USA.

For US fans and consumers they are going to have the chance to purchase the hemp smokes from Hemptown Naturals, they are the ones who are behind the recent hemp smokes partnership.

You can expect the packaging alone to be a significant driver to push many to want to buy these, there could easily be some who might never even smoke them but would rather collect because they are fans of the show. The packaging looks great for both.

You can find a variety of products that they advertise across their social media and the TPB also recently got into an NFT partnership to launch trading card NFTs too.

Trailer Park Boys Hemp Stix

The recent hemp smokes or 'hemp stix' are available in 2 varieties it looks like, which are a menthol hemp option or the OG blend, with 1,200 mg CBD per pack.

In 2019 smokable hemp products made up about 2% of the overall CBD market and demand seems to be growing as more options have been made available.

In 2020 it was estimated by some that this market might be worth some $80 million or more. Both CBD and hemp smokes have been growing as alternatives to tobacco smoking products.

With the rising trend for these hemp and CBD smoke products it makes this look like a smart partnership and is clearly the perfect pairing given the branding of the popular and well-known comedy group.


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