The Growing Medicinal Mushroom Market and Changing Perceptions


Researchers have suggested that microdosing with medicinal mushrooms might help to improve your focus and mood, boost creativity, alleviate depression, or offer some other potential mental health value for certain individuals.

In recent years more study has been done on psilocybin and restrictions for magic mushrooms in some areas have been changed with a decriminalization effort growing for this market.

It is expected that the medicinal mushroom market will see significant growth in the years to come and during the pandemic a number of customers turned to try psychedelics for the first time to try and improve mental health or see some other benefit.

We have come a long way so far from the initial war on drugs beginning and a lot of stigma for magic mushrooms and other products has eroded as education has increased but there is still a lot of negative associated with it and other natural substances.

Previous polls have found that a surprising number of Americans already believe that magic mushrooms might hold some medical use, and there are some areas that have legalized the substance for therapeutic use. Still, a large portion of people in the same poll disagree that there might be any medicinal value.

More research is needed to fully uncover more of that potential that could be associated with this product and what it might be able to do for people in the market around the world.

Researchers have found that today there are many who deem magic mushrooms to be relatively safer than a wide range of other substances. When asked to rank magic mushrooms against other substances as to what might be the most dangerous, magic mushrooms comes out low on the list.

“Both people with a history of using magic mushrooms, and those who were non-users [in the study] considered magic mushrooms to be less dangerous than heroin (Class A), cocaine (Class A), prescription pain-killers (legal with prescription), GHB (Class C), ecstasy (Class A), tobacco (legal) and alcohol (legal),” - Roberts

That comes from an online survey that sought to investigate the attitude that people had toward magic mushrooms and other substances.

While these substances have been demonized for decades there is change slowly starting to happen and we see that with decriminalization and legalization. Because of those efforts it is expected that this market will continue growing in the next few years to come, there is a lot of potential. The worldwide market for this product has been estimated to potentially surpass $50 million

Magic Mushroom Sales in Oregon

Oregon was the first to make that change and legalize mushrooms but it wouldn't be years before those sales would begin. The same has been the case with cannabis too in other areas that have legalized, it can still take a year or more for the market to become operational.

Regardless of the legalization for mushrooms in Oregon though, we can't expect the magic mushroom market to look like the cannabis market with its abundance of choices and access to products, as there are still going to be heavy restrictions for this product. It's alleged for the example that the product isn't going to be freely available to purchase and take home but that it will be used in a therapeutic setting with proper oversight. People also won't be able to just start growing them at home either.

The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.