The Cannabis Market Needs More Sugar Free Edibles

The edibles market is one of the fastest growing areas of the cannabis industry. Hundreds of millions of dollars in cannabis edibles are sold around the U.S. and this is despite many regions still restricting recreational cannabis and cannabis altogether.

The infused cannabis edibles market is expected to reach $11 billion and keep growing.

There are a variety of reasons why people might prefer edibles to flower or other options like vapes or oils.

The obvious reasons would be that taking edibles is discreet, and edibles taste better to many than smoking. Cannabis edibles are a familiar entry point to using cannabis and learning what products a customer might like best. People can skip the worry over potential risks associated with smoking cannabis, and instead pick up something like a drink, chocolate bar, gummies, chips, gum, or more food items that are made with cannabis, for a preferred consumption method.

The best cannabis market is one that has options for its consumers, not everyone wants to vape, or to choose edibles, or flower alone, it's good to have a mix of options.

In the edibles market there is also great variety too. However, despite the selection in the cannabis edibles we still see that there is a great need for cannabis edibles that are organic, or those that are sugar free.

On this front you find next to nothing in options today whether it be gummies, chocolate, drinks, and more.

If a cannabis patient is using this as medicine then they probably aren't going to want to load up on high fructose corn syrup and sugar for example while trying to medicate with gummies. And they might not be the only ones. This doesn't mean that there aren't some options that are trying to cater to this market for edibles but there certainly isn't enough and they aren't the average edible that you find on the menu today.

Those who do want more control over what is going into their edibles also have the choice to try and make their own. But then again not everyone knows how, has the time, or has the freedom to do so.