Thailand Growing Cannabis Market

There has been an explosion of cannabis shops around Thailand since the changes in legalization.

Now you can find many more people are growing the plant right in their own backyard.

There are some who want to see it be re-criminalized though because they aren't happy with the growing freedom for recreational use. They should understand by now though the multiple costs to a community that continues with the war on drugs against something like cannabis, there are negative consequences to individual liberty and the community as well.

This could be one of the biggest cannabis tourist markets in the world as Thailand is a top destination with people all over the globe.

It is promising to see the change in Thailand for those who value personal liberty in this space and medicinal freedom for cannabis etc, it will always be difficult to change the minds of all critics who have been used to harsh criminalization surrounding this crop for so long.

Despite the idea that it might become a cannabis travel hot spot there are some Health authorities who have discouraged pot smoking tourists previously from visiting.. Despite that preference though by few or many it seems that more businesses have quickly popped up in this space.

Since those plans for decriminalization have moved forward to some extent it seems there has also been a lot of confusion as well.

A full market of freedom surrounding cannabis hasn't been supported by authorities in the region yet and it likely never will be. It is still widely used in Thailand though as it is around the world though, this is a multi-billion worldwide industry. There is a great deal of interest for cannabis tourism and some suspect the market in Thailand for cannabis could grow over $1 billion or more within just a few years.

This is not financial advice.