Recreational Cannabis Coming up for Vote in November

There are several states in Nov this year that will be voting on changes surrounding recreational cannabis markets.

If the changes are successful in seeking marijuana reform over these outdated and unpopular restrictions then it could mean that half the country then might have access to recreational cannabis after election day.

What states will be voting this Nov on cannabis?

South Dakota

North Dakota




These are the five states that are going to be considering those upcoming changes to the recreational cannabis market.

We already know there are well established legal marijuana markets in the US in places like Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Alaska, California, and other regions. There is widespread support around the country to see those restrictions changed and to see reform in the direction of marijuana 'crimes' becoming less prioritized around the nation.

Cannabis pardons

With the push for reform on recreational marijuana we have also seen changes even on the federal level too of pardoning cannabis convictions and trying to rectify wrongs that had been inflicted over the past through the ongoing war on drugs.

Along with those new cannabis markets we have seen thousands of jobs created and an abundance of creativity and value flowing from the industry, with multiple states competing to be the cannabis capital for tourism. There is a lot of money to be made, some states are easily pulling in billions of dollars already despite the web of restrictions on services and products, marketing etc, that still remains within the industry. It isn't cheap to get started, it isn't easy, and there are a lot of things people still cannot make or sell, meaning that potential as well is still left untapped in the industry.

Farmers can get more opportunity for what they want to grow and sell, it brings more jobs and businesses, product varieties to patients, veterans, and others who value medicinal and recreational cannabis products. The customers aren't one size fits all, there are people from all different walks of life who have accessed this market, whether it be professional athletes, business executives, academic professionals, seniors, and many more in-between.

Over 25 billion in Sales for 2021

Legal cannabis sales increased in 2021 and sales of flower alone, one of the most popular products, surpassed some 14 billion in the United States. They expect to see some $33 billion in cannabis sales in the US for 2022, and possibly reaching $70 billion or more by 2030.

In each state with a medicinal cannabis market there could be thousands, often tens of thousands of patients within that market, but that doesn't completely capture the true demand that might be there. This is because it might not always be easy or preferred for those patients to identify themselves in the market that way, they might just skip the process and access the recreational market instead.

There are many different products you can find within the cannabis industry in the US today, this includes a variety of food items, flower, vapes, pre-rolls, and more.

One of the most popular items is and always will be of course flower which is what most people are likely readily familiar with when they think of marijuana. Edibles are also one of the biggest sellers in the industry too, especially for CBD which has played a significant role in expanding the cannabis market with many.

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