Public Interest Not Enough to Sway Cannabis Change in Texas Yet

There is a lot of support in Texas for cannabis changes.

Just recently when New Mexico launched their cannabis sales we saw multiple reports showing that Texans were driving up to embrace the new market. They opted to help boost those sales of recreational marijuana and there are many in Texas who want to see their own market come about now more than ever.

As cannabis markets take root around the U.S., those in Texas who could use and who would value this medicinal product are left with few options.

According to a recent poll it looks like there is tremendous support, though it doesn't look like it is going to be enough yet to sway leaders in the region yet.

When are they going to get smart?

In fact, the move to legalize marijuana might be one that is more popular than the governor, biden and other officials.

In other words, the governor would do well to embrace the change and give people what they want rather than seek to restrict their natural rights further.

Now advocates in TX are looking to decriminalization to try and help because if they aren't going to legalize yet at least they can look to stop ruining lives over a plant like cannabis with decriminalization efforts.