NJ Sells Tens of Millions in Cannabis Market Within Few Months

It only took a few weeks for NJ to cross the $80 million mark for NJ marijuana sales for legal cannabis in the region.

The launch of the market right around 4/20 shows how fast they've grown already and this is what has been seen in other states too that have also welcomed a cannabis market for medicinal or legal recreational sales.

They still have a long way to go before they will be seeing sales like that of California or Colorado, Washington etc, as they have much more established cannabis sales markets.

But it is impressive to see that they are close to seeing $100 million within less than 6 months with the legal cannabis market there.

Once they brought about their new legal market in NJ it meant that adults would soon be able to go ahead and purchase marijuana from certain approved medical-marijuana dispensaries that are setting up in the region.

There were several cannabis shops that were ready to open their doors once that change came about that made it possible for people to make that purchase. These markets offer arguably few licenses and they can be costly and difficult to obtain, not everyone who has the experience, knowledge, or interest, is going to have a fair shot at getting into the industry.

For the region it was a significant change for those recreational sales to begin and so far it seems there is big demand for marijuana there, as has been the case in many other areas that have also set up a market for it so that's no surprise. They are just getting started and it will be interesting to see what comes of the market, what businesses they might approve of to operate within the industry, and how big it could possibly get.



Apparently, it’s either still expensive or just not allot of shops because my son is going there to see his girlfriend and he is having to take a bunch of vape cartridges and edibles, lol.