Missouri Sales Could Begin Soon After Legalization

Missouri was one of the areas to recently approve of changes for the cannabis market.

Rules surrounding the changes for the industry didn't take long to be released, it was only a couple of days after the voters approved of the changes for legalization.

Some news reports have suggested the legal sales for cannabis could begin as soon as Feb next year. If they start up in Feb that would be faster than they had anticipated allegedly and there are many who are no doubt eager to see things unfold quickly.

It can sometimes take years for them to figure out how to unveil those industry rules and overall changes.

This could easily bring hundreds if not thousands of new jobs to the area and millions of dollars in revenue as well, just as we have seen in other states. It depends on what businesses might be allowed to be introduced, the amount of competition that is afforded, and so on.

With the medicinal market they've already seen hundreds of millions in sales. The recreational market for adults could bring a lot more. We have seen other cannabis markets thrive around the US.