Medical Patients Left Struggling to Find Cannabis Supply

Several years ago Georgia passed new legislation that would bring about a very small cannabis market, it legalized cannabis oil to treat a small number of illnesses. This was a very small crumb on cannabis progression and still today for those in the region looking to gain access to this product they say it is impossible to find a legal source.

They have taken to heading to other states nearby, maybe Colorado or another region that already has a flourishing cannabis market. And sometimes the dispensary shops might not sell to those showing their ID if they are from a region that hasn't legalized cannabis yet, they fear they too might suffer the consequences of making that decision and supplying the product to GA residents perhaps who might be looking for it.

What then are those individuals in the state left to do?

They are in need of a medicinal product for themselves or their children and it is incredibly difficult for them to find a supply. This shouldn't be the case considering how easy it is to grow that product when there is a need for it. Anyone interested in creating supply need only start planting, so what's the hold up?

Authorities in the state only started with a few number of licenses that they were going to permit in the cannabis market to produce the needed marijuana but then that received pushback.

This is something we have seen take place in multiple cannabis markets, from people who were interested in doing business but who weren't afforded the freedom and opportunity to do explore that and see if they would fail or succeed based on what they could provide to the consumer, rather than being told they have no right to try.

Criticism would lead to lawmakers seeking some pending changes and permitting a few more.

Some areas of GA might have passed decriminalization changes for cannabis permitting up to 1oz for example or less, but still there is a desperate need for more cannabis freedom in the state and reform has been happening at a glacial pace.

If they were to embrace cannabis it would likely go on to become one of the fastest growing and most successful cannabis markets in the country. Previous surveys have also shown that there is a great deal of support from voters here in making this happen.

Things do seem to be picking up now though with calls for a more established supply in the state for medicinal patients and maybe that might help to fuel an even larger reform for more decriminalization or legalization that could finally come about.



If these politicians want us to keep putting up with them, they should legalize it across the board. I have PTSD and agoraphobia and cannabis helps me to feel able to deal with everyday life. I feel bad for people who need cannabis and have to look over their shoulders every time they need their medication.