Maryland Will Vote On Legalizing Cannabis This Fall


This year Maryland is going to be voting on the potential to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in the region.

Campaigns are already underway to raise awareness in the hopes that people in the region will choose a new era for marijuana and pursue reduced criminalization surrounding some cannabis-related activities.

This November they are going to be voting whether to approve of recreational cannabis legalization, which could also open the door to growing small amounts too.

Question 4 - yes or no?

Voters will be asked on the ballot this Nov in Maryland to agree 'yes or no' with the Marijuana Legalization Amendment.

Some polls have already come out suggesting that the majority are planning to vote yes on that question on the ballot.

Though arrest rates have seemed to have gone down in some Maryland areas in recent years studies have shown that African Americans in areas like Baltimore for example are seen to still be arrested for marijuana possession at much higher rates. Each year thousands of people are arrested for simple possession and the drug war uses up a lot of city resources along the way. This is something that the people of Maryland have an opportunity to change to some extent in Nov.

Medicinal Cannabis Market

There is a medicinal cannabis market that has been established in the region and there are some 150k patients that are a part of this community. The cannabis market in Maryland is extremely lucrative bringing in hundreds of millions in sales yearly. Since the market first launched they've seen over $1 billion in retail sales.