Marijuana Voters Make Changes in Maryland and More

Arkansas, Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Missouri were each voting on cannabis changes this election and there will be some reform.

Maryland voted for change.

Missouri voted for change.

However, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Arkansas, signaled that they aren't ready to permit this level of freedom just yet. Natural rights of consumption are still going to be restricted as they have been in these regions until another effort at legalization is made.

Possession arrests continue by the thousands

In those regions that have yet to allow for recreational markets there are thousands of arrests being made for simple possession alone, victimless crimes perpetuated and criminals made of peaceful individuals.

It is amazing to see the change coming to Missouri as they have been known to have among the highest marijuana possession arrests in the country, with areas like Texas, and Tennessee.

Mind you, legal market states still have their own issues with cannabis detentions, a legal market still comes with a wide variety of restrictions and limitations on freedom.

in the business of telling you what you can and cannot consume

Unfortunately for those who are in the states that are still keen on keeping up with outdated, ignorant, and anti-liberty cannabis restrictions, millions of individuals living there aren't going to have the same access to pursue those consumption choices that others have in neighboring states nearby. Who knows how much more effort patients, veterans, scientists, and other cannabis advocates etc, will need to contribute still in an effort to try and sway opinion in those areas.