Hong Kong Looks to Ban CBD Products


Some business owners are wondering why authorities in Hong Kong are newly looking to crack down on CBD products in the market this year. After all, they've noted that the WHO previously determined that CBD didn't appear to have abuse potential, they took that to mean the WHO saw it as harmless, so why the restriction now?

Over the last decade we have seen the CBD market explode, and gummies have been one of the biggest products pushing that trend, along with other CBD edibles in Hong Kong for CBD. They have helped the cannabis market overall to see significant growth. They have also opened up learning for people to discover what CBD is, what THC is, about other cannabinoids, and more.

Now for those who might be selling these products in the region they have to look into altering their business because of the changing rules. Authorities in the area have sought to ban activities involving CBD including the import, sale, export, manufacture, possession, and delivery, of CBD products.

This has been talked about for some time now and so for some out there it isn't news and they were aware this crack down was coming. Is it necessary though? Or just another unjustified infringement upon liberty for individuals in the region? With this restriction on CBD items it means that it is now becoming a scheduled dangerous drug.

You will still find plenty of alcohol and cigarettes around being sold around the region though.