Green Bay Moves to Reform Cannabis Fines


Over 1 trillion dollars has been spent fighting the war on drugs. And over time the U.S. has reduced some restrictions surrounding this plant but thousands of people are still arrested each year for cannabis activities.

Some progress has been made for making good on past mistakes surrounding cannabis. For example we have seen expunged records, advocacy for cannabis tax reform for businesses, decriminalization of certain amounts, a push for transparency with licensing process for cannabis businesses, and more.

Now, in Green Bay they are also looking to stop fining people related to cannabis as well.

More specifically, they won't look to find people for cannabis possession if they are 21 and if it is under a certain amount of 28 grams or less.

A decision to push for this change has already made its way through the city council. It will now mean less fear for those who are looking to peacefully medicate.

Now they will allegedly only be required to pay related court costs if they are caught with 28 grams or less in a private space. There could also allegedly be the potential for community service. Overall, there is more discretion that has been afforded here.

Cannabis might still be restricted for recreational use but there is tremendous support for seeing this changed, even in Green Bay.

There is restricted medical use so far and there are some politicians working to have that changed as well. This goes along with different surveys over the years that have demonstrated that many of the people there want to see this change happen.