From Ice Cream To CBD Cookie Empire


One popular CBD-infused ice cream company in Colorado, known as RoseBud Ice Cream, launched back in 2019 and the founder S. Rose probably didn't know he would be on his way to building his very own CBD empire.

For some time now they've been providing these CBD ice cream treats to many happy customers around the Colorado region.

But getting there wasn't easy.

“Before graduating college in 2016 I pitched an investor on starting a marijuana dispensary in Oregon for which I had spent two years developing a business plan,.. The investor laughed me out of the meeting.” - Rose admits

Back then, a friend told him that he should try to go for a cannabis ice cream company and that is what he did. After much trial and effort, and testing out many ice cream batches and recipes etc, he went out to secure his business goals and find investors. Starting with THC ice cream but then moving on to CBD; that is when he found his niche.

CBD is a much bigger market than THC because of the fact that CBD doesn't have that 'high' effect that's associated with the THC.

Many more people will be willing to try CBD than they would THC for this reason and that is how CBD really helps to deteriorate the stigma, and bring many new people to become interested in cannabis and what it has to offer. Even if it's just CBD.

Now the RoseBud Ice Cream company is going to be offering CBD cookies soon and not just ice cream.

This is going to widen distribution for them and bring more offerings onto the menu as well. They also sought to make the CBD cookies actually taste good, unlike a lot of the edibles that you can find on the market today which might not have the best taste profile. Those CBD cookies are set to launch soon, in just a few days from now, and can already be ordered on their website but they quickly sold out.

The CBD edibles market is one of the fastest growing areas of the CBD market overall, along with THC edibles too. The sales of these products have skyrocketed last year and it is expected to continue seeing strong demand.