Flying High in Maryland

There are dozens of states today who have rules surrounding the cannabis market. Soon we might see change on a federal level and that would be groundbreaking after the years on the drug war that have been arguably wasted.

Some states have bigger markets than others. California and Colorado while being among the first to get started also have some of the biggest industries and that is no surprise, with Washington too, and others are coming up along side them. New York just got a fresh start recently and there are others who last year voted for change too.

One area that has made changes to legalization in recent years is Maryland, this comes after embracing a medicinal use market. They've decided to vote to legalize adult recreational marijuana use too and those changes are expected to unfold sometime this year, perhaps around July 2023.

As far as cannabis consumption this is one area that might consume more than others, according to a recent study, and their market could quickly grow to tens of millions as we have seen in other circumstances with the marijuana industry.

It is expected that perhaps we might soon see a new high established here for recreational sales in the Maryland region. Already their medicinal marijuana market in the region has surpassed over $500 million in sales, how much might we see the recreational industry take home?