Ex-Cannabis Convicts Given Chance at Retail Licenses in NY

Individuals who have been convicted of drug crimes are going to be given the priority chance to obtain cannabis retail licenses in NY.

Lawmakers in the state are looking to give those who have been unjustly impacted by the war on drugs that opportunity to now benefit from the changes in the system.

Now they can set up a business and start to sell, but not everyone who is interested can capture that permission.

It is hard for those who are behind bars to adjust to the reality that now there are people out in many cities around the US doing something that they are behind bars for.

Thousands of individuals have been convicted of victimless non-violent drug related offenses and legalization doesn't always offer an even opportunity for market participation.

Many of those who sacrificed in building the market while things were still harshly criminalized have not been able to compete with big corporations that have later come in to swallow up those limited licenses and opportunities.

Some jurisdictions are going to be more costly than others in starting up that canna business, sometimes it can take millions of dollars.

It shouldn't be this complicated and this difficult for growers to grow flowers, turn those flowers into a myriad of products, and get those products to where they need to go.

One thing that creates a lot of problems is that artificial restriction in the market which nonsensically dictates too few opportunities to start with, via licenses for example, and reduces the chance for people to get involved.

At least those who have been hurt plenty by the system in NY are going to have some help in turning things around.



So, will they release those who had been convicted for the same business? Or this license is mostly for those presently walking free, with no regard for those locked up?