Cultivation Changes In California for Cannabis

For those who are cultivating cannabis in California it looks like they could soon be seeing some relief in the form of the elimination of the cannabis cultivation tax.

Cannabis companies have been voicing their concerns for awhile now around the CA region that they are being stifled by the extra costs in fees for the marijuana industry to do business. Not only that but the amount that they have to pay in some circumstances has also been criticized as discriminatory to this industry because they in some circumstances pay a lot more than other businesses operating in the market, and many are asking if anything can be done to help things and especially why that might be that they need to pay more.

The relief that so many have been asking for might finally be coming, at least somewhat.

It looks like under a recently signed bill known as Assembly Bill 195 that the cultivation tax in the cannabis industry which calls for allegedly more than $161 in fees per pound of cannabis flower that this under these changes will be eliminated completely. That is going to provide a lot of relief to the industry when they are processing pounds and pounds of marijuana.

Why are they doing this now?

  • they are looking to reduce the influence of the black market
  • they want to reduce pressure on regulated operators
  • to try and stimulate competition

Business owners have called the fees that they need to pay insane in some circumstances and many cannabis business owners have been fighting for change politically to come for some time now.



Let’s hope it helps. It may be a little tolate for some. These mega farms are practicing predatory pricing. But it’s going to take a team effort from the small time growers, and consumers.

If the trend keeps going we are going to have Starbucks cannabis, and the true fire is going to be sold on the black market.