Cannabis Sales Begin at 4:20

Cannabis sales launched at 4:20pm today on Dec 29th in New York at the first licensed retail store opening and people were lining up in anticipation of making their first purchase at the dispensary.

The first sale was reportedly made on the day though went to a city official, and this is what some might consider ironic given the history of the war on drugs and the amount of people who have been imprisoned behind bars over this plant and punished over exchanges related to it. Many individuals have had their lives ruined but now things are turning around with a newly welcomed recreational market and expunging those records and affording some newfound liberty in this industry is what some might say is the least they can do after the many wrongs have been made.

This is one of the most exciting cannabis markets to see unfold as there is expected to be huge demand in New York it could easily go on to become one of the most lucrative cannabis industries in the country. Along with that success it could bring countless jobs, new services and goods, and new opportunity for those who once found themselves labeled as criminals for engaging with marijuana.