Cannabis Market Opts For More Private Security

Some dispensaries are opting for more private security options in the cannabis market after being hit with robberies which costs thousands of dollars for some businesses in damage, even more for others.

We have seen multiple videos going viral of people doing smash and grab jobs at one department store or another, stealing luxury goods etc, this is an incredible failure of security services in those circumstances.

Why aren't those stores looking to do more to protect themselves? Well, some of them are.

In the cannabis industry some are looking for private security now to help protect them after being targeted. Cannabis shops are increasingly looking for private security solutions and some dispensaries in places like California have already been targeted and lost millions in merchandise.

They want to feel safe and they want their customers to feel safe so private security is where they are turning for a solution.

Military veterans have already proven to especially be a huge asset for the cannabis industry in multiple ways, whether it be with growing, selling, buying, and yes offering security services too. Veterans have found that opportunity with security in the cannabis market and this is great for those businesses who want that value and to help veterans to earn a living at the same time.

pic1 via Pexels


to help veterans to earn a living at the same time.

The cannabis business, if legal, then it can help a lot of people people to earn a living. I would also gladly grow cannabis, if it would be legal in my country (in Hungary).


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