Cannabis Growth: Planet 13 Expanding in Florida

Planet 13 is going to be expanding their team with a cannabis dispensary in Florida, where they currently have strict medicinal legalization. They have plans for several dispensary locations in the state and are looking to grow their brand there.

Already you can find Planet 13 available in Nevada and they've got one of the best cannabis dispensary locations in Vegas. The best thing about it? The place is open 24/7 and a cannabis dispensary like that can be hard to find depending on your location. This is one cannabis dispensary that has a wide range of cannabis product options too and the brand already seems to be more well known than others in the space. The cannabis shop in Nevada is also allegedly regarded as the world's largest cannabis dispensary too.
Nevada isn't the only shop as they are also located in California as well.

Right now Florida is still one of those regions that has heavy restrictions on cannabis even though there is widespread support in the region and across the country in general to see things on this front change.

3 in 4 voters in FL support change for cannabis

Even though FL only has a medicinal market they've still been able to employ thousands in this space and be a leader in cannabis sales in the country.

It might only be a matter of time before there is that federal change and it cannot come soon enough for those who want to stop being treated as criminals over what could be a potentially vastly economically beneficial market to embrace.



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