Cannabis Advocates Working on Further Marijuana Decriminalization in TX

TX is still one of the few states that hasn't embraced a recreational market yet even though there are a growing number of nearby areas that are changing things over. Although it might not be fully legalized in the state that doesn't mean that there isn't a great deal of support for it.

There are cannabis advocates working in the state who are pushing to get enough signatures to add marijuana decriminalization initiatives to the ballot in different areas so that voters can have their say.

They are doing what they can to change things even if it means working on one region at a time and so far they've been successful at getting many signatures to work toward making those initiatives a reality.

Legalizing marijuana can be a bipartisan issue and isn't one-sided because there are people of all different backgrounds and political leanings that could benefit from a decriminalization effort surrounding this plant.

Progress on cannabis decriminalization around Texas

In TX there are several cities that could be deciding this fall some more significant changes on the marijuana front as far as decriminalization goes.

People all over the country have signaled that they are tired of seeing the lives of many ruined from criminalization over marijuana, and states that have embraced the market have seen significant response. This is a lucrative market no matter where you go.

Legalization, although it has its own restrictions and shortcomings etc, would bring about a huge opportunity for the state as far as job creation and sales. Some estimates have suggested it might create tens of thousands of jobs, bring in billions, and reduce criminal justice costs as well.




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