Candy Companies and Others Looking to Crackdown on THC Copycat Edibles


Cannabis copycat edibles are a big problem for authorities around the US in areas like Virginia and other regions, they want to crackdown on the problem as well as candy companies themselves too.

There are a wide range of cannabis candies to find in the market today when you are looking for edible options.

There are gummies, drinks, chocolates, chips, and more. The packaging on those items can sometimes be a twist on a well-known brand though and critics say that more needs to be done to protect the children from these copycat edible products.

If it weren't for the similarity to other candy company items, that isn't the only problem, it would be something else that critics then would have a problem with and need to see fixed.

Don't Get Too Colorful With Your Cannabis Marketing

For example, there are harsh restrictions surrounding cannabis marketing as far as what colors might be able to be used or logos etc, don't make it too fun or appealing to children.

We certainly don't see a lack of color on alcohol marketing campaigns and branding do we? We also don't see these similar restrictions on fast food campaigns or on junk food products targeted at children.

Cherry-picking nonsensical marketing restrictions

It is to the point now that they are pushing congress to address the thc edible problem and come up with a solution of what they are going to do with thc edibles that are being made to look like snacks. Rather than seek to grasp or uphold the liberty of individuals to choose for themselves what edibles they might want to consume peacefully, critics want to limit the colorful sorts of packaging that can be used. But the copycat products are a different sort of issue because it isn't about just the colorful packaging alone.

Mind you, cannabis edibles don't need to get colorful or fancy in order to see demand and high sales. They will still see billions in sales across the country and around the world regardless of what characters they might post on the front of the edible package.