Cali Cannabis Farms Facing Pathogen Issues

An infectious pathogen has reportedly struck a number of Cali cannabis farms, around 90% of them are said to be suffering from the issue around the state.

As one of the largest cannabis markets in the country this is an issue that could result in billions of dollars in damages and who knows to what extent farms around the state might be dealing with the problem. Will it show up in other states soon as well?

Right now it is alleged that the pathogen is spreading around the state of California and attacking a wide number of plants on those farms.

It's estimated that it might be over 90% of farms impacted so far just when farmers are getting ready to harvest.

It has also been noted that this pathogen has perhaps been an issue for years though and farmers might have been allegedly unaware for some time about the problem impacting their crops. It was reportedly identified several years ago in some crops in the state and now is estimated to have spread.

It's also suggested that perhaps it has already spread to other states too and impacted crops there as well.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are thousands of small business cannabis growers around the region.

To an industry that has already been facing a variety of issues in recent years what is the extent of this problem going to mean for them as well? It isn't good news for Cali growers who are going to have their crops impacted as a result.





The ebbs and flows of business ownership and new industries are undeniable. The supply and demand and economic rules have to stabilize themselves and often it will be the small businesses that are the casualties. Then this drops on them!

I wonder if it will be more advantageous to just sell out to the big companies at Pennie’s on the dollar(like is happening here) or boldly flex and produce another product?