A Different Kind of Employee Bonus For Cannabis Workers

There are a number of ways that companies today are trying to stand out from the crowd when looking to attract interest from potential workers. Through the pandemic we also saw that some were going to stop testing for cannabis as well.

It might be a discount on the food or products/services being offered, health benefits, good vacation time, or other perks etc, and now one cannabis company is looking to add free cannabis into the mix.

The Cannabis Wellness Job Benefit

Cannabis company Jointly will be looking to offer reimbursement for purposeful cannabis use. In other words, there would be an offer to cover cannabis consumption for employees up to $150 per month for products that are lawfully purchased.

This cannabis benefit is said to be the first of its kind in the industry.

There are multiple reasons why a company might do this and multiple benefits that can come from it too.

When offering this sort of highlighted perk it helps to set the company apart from others and work to attract those talented individuals to come and join their team vs other companies that might not be offering that sort of perk.

It also is an effort to try and erode the stigma too, because they are marketing cannabis in a positive light by offering the free cannabis reimbursement as a good thing that will come from joining that team. And for those who find their standard of living increased from using cannabis, and there are many, it is a good thing to have that product reimbursed as a job perk.

How many other cannabis companies might follow and do the same now?

Other companies in the market have also sought to give freebies to their employees, even beer companies in the past have done this. Therefore, the reimbursed product alone might not do wonders to help further erode the stigma surrounding cannabis. But the new perk for cannabis jobs is sure to be highly motivating for some to become interested in applying.



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