2nd Biggest Cannabis Holiday of the Year

Green Wednesday is the 2nd biggest holiday for the cannabis market in some regions, coming in after 4/20. Deals were expected and had been found around the industry on various products, many people were expecting to make cannabis a part of the Thanksgiving family celebrations this year as they have in years before.

Following Green Wed there were Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discounts etc, this is the busiest time of year with other holiday events also prompting more to go in and stock up for the holiday season with ganja.

Some cannabis markets in the US bring in hundreds of millions all on their own within a few months, like California, Colorado, and Washington, among other regions.

Not only is cannabis something that patients and others might have on hand for the holiday season but it has also become a popular gift to give as well, for those who might enjoy. Just as you would give a bottle of wine to a friend for the holidays, why not some good kush? It is no doubt going to be on many holiday wish lists this year.

The cannabis industry has become one of the biggest cash crops for the country, it has brought thousands of jobs along with it, and also plenty of new opportunity for farmers and entrepreneurs, offering more access for adults looking to find good quality products.