Kiwi Kush Ft. Strawberries & Friends

Kiwi Kush, will leave you feeling calm and relaxed in social settings. Top terpenes Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene create a noticeable kiwi aroma that leads to a sweet, herbal, and woody flavor profile.

I've made some sweet sauce perfect for dessert or or ice cream toppings. I used kiwi and strawberry with agave and honey. For a twist in flavour, I added two sprigs of lemon-grass.

For a further twist...simply a add chia seeds for a long-lasting jam.

Decarcoboxilate 3-5grams depending on your dessert or storage size. And voila. There are certainly no set measurements here. Trust your gut for extra luck :))

Kiwi Kush is extremely recognizable with it's very frosty trichomes and orange pistols against light and dark green nugs. So symbolic of the perfect kiwi. Enjoy as a sweet topping for savoury snacks rolls and crackers.


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