Super Arcade Shaggy and Harvest Report.

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Well everyone a new round of Pizza Guild Delegations has begun! Welcome to another Dibbs Harvest report!

As the guild has grown and the scholarship program has followed suit we've had a wider range of Pizza Pot heads jumping in and starting to grow their own on guild farms. It's been pretty exciting to welcome new participants in the program as they venture forth into the world of Hashkings.

This round of delegations I've received many more Mexico plots than in previous rounds as experienced farmers are beginning to compete for better lands. Those tasty Africa plots help to fuel the guilds growth and expansion so occasionally they are farmed directly rather than delegated. Whatever the case may be this humble farmer has his work cut out to keep up no matter where my plots are located!

Mexico is treating me well so far, and the occasional trips out to plots in Afghanistan and Africa are keeping me on my toes. I'll admit that I haven't dipped into the farm wars piece of Hashkings just yet and have stayed the course with farming and raiding.

As features and staking benefits continue to pile up in the Hashkings ecosystem it's sometimes hard to know what my best options are to maximize returns. I'll carve out some time soon to read up on the changes and re optimize things.

As for this weeks harvest report, check out the specific yields below:

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With farm wars hanging out on the fringes of my perceptions and a solid stash of staked budsx already I've been letting my BUDS pile up lately before deciding what to do with them. I haven't spent ANY of my yields so far this cycle and don't intend to do so until I've decided on my next course of action!

Of course, its tempting AF to just roll them up and smoke them, but you know how it is... gotta reinvest those yields to keep the train rolling...

A bud or two wont hurt though... right? Arcade Shaggi still has some room to grow... maybe I'll roll a blunt or two...

Keep it real Kings, and don't worry about the raid bosses! Arcade Shaggi's got your back ;)

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