Trichome hunter


This one is amazing


I have been patiently waiting for my red poison to be ready for harvest and this one will be going in the dark within the next couple days to finish up its flower cycle before I begin harvesting it.


These are some of the best looking buds I have ever grown and I feel I have learned so much during this grow when it comes to proper nutrition levels and not to overfeed. As you can see in this shot above, the leaves have brown spots on them that started to form a few weeks ago, but once I cut back on feeding Bloom, and fed them mainly water, the brown spots stopped forming.


Once I stopped feeding them every other watering, the buds really started to fatten up. I think I have stunted bud growth on a lot of my previous grows because I overfed them.


Now I have a much better understanding of what to watch for to prevent overfeeding. I have also been doing a lot of defoliation during the past two days to remove any leaves that were blocking light and on the plants that are about ready for harvest, I removed all fan leaves and just left the leaves that are sprouting out from the bud sites. I am hoping that this helps to focus nutrients straight to the buds. It also helps with airflow to prevent mold from forming on the buds.


I really like these types of shots that show off the different trichomes. They look like a bunch of tiny mushrooms or some plants on an alien planet.



I really like this shot because it shows the different stages of the trichomes in it. There are some milky trichomes, some trichomes on their way to turn milky and some amber trichomes are beginning to form. Over the next few days, those clear trichomes will become milky and some of the milky ones will turn into those amber trichomes that give a nice relaxing feeling.


One thing I really like about this plant is the subtle purple colors that have begun to form on it. The purple color moves into the stems of the trichomes and it looks really cool.



These buds are going to look so awesome when they have cured. There will be specks of purple scattered out among the green.



There is a chance that this plant will go into the dark tomorrow, but if there isn't a decent amount of amber, I will let it go for another day. The reason I move the plants to the dark for 48 hours is to give the plant a rest from the light and allow the roots to pull as much of the nutrients out of the soil prior to harvesting. I have done this a few times with previous harvests and have had some good success with the buds fattening up a little bit more.


The purple colored Red Poison seems to be a few days behind this one, but it has really started to fatten up over this past week. The red poison that I had harvested already is not that what I was hoping for in terms of buds or weight. I know I had harvested that plant way too early, but the main reason I got it out of the tent was to give the other plants more light and room. I have another light in the mail right now and I will have it set up on Sunday. That will give me a total of four lights in the tent and it will give me optimum coverage. I think I am still going to keep it to four plants or less in the tent so that the ones in there don't really have to compete for light like my previous grows have had to do.


I have a few weeks left for my bubble gum and once that one is done, it will just be the GDP in there by itself soaking up all the light from the four lights. The GDP is already bigger than all of the plants in the tent right now, so I will allow it to spread across the whole tent and have a netting to support it. The stalk on that one is massive and its branches are almost as thick as the stalks on my autos.


This GDP I am growing has really opened my eyes to how awesome photoperiods can be, but once I am done with this GDP, I will be planting more autos in my tent and trying to use up the rest of the autoflower seeds that I have before I grow strictly photos. I may even grow autos alongside photos and once the autos are done with their flower cycle, I will switch the lights to 12/12 to induce flower on the photos.


I am super excited to continue growing and learning. I have also been looking at purchasing the stuff to begin growing hydroponic, but I want to get a few more grows in soil before I switch to hydro.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed these photos. I wish you could smell them because they smell amazing. The red poison has a fruity smell to it and it is pretty cool.


Nice work man! Those are some beautiful auto flowers, and the colors really adds to the bag appeal.


I can't wait to see what they look like after curing for a few months.