HomeGrown Podcast's first episode is up! Check it out!



Photo by me

We are live!


The first episode of HomeGrown is up on Anchor.fm and on Spotify. Check them out here:



We are hoping to get approval for more podcast platforms by the time we have our second episode ready. Be sure to follow @homegrownpodcast to be notified when we release new episodes. I am also going to share them here from my page in case you aren't subbed to the podcast account and because the podcast account is brand new and doesn't have a following built up yet.

This episode is mainly just introducing who we are, introducing the podcast and our goals with it, and also talking about Hive. We are hoping to use this podcast as a way to promote Hive to more people and bring more people here to the chain, all while talking about our cannabis experiences and other natural medicines.

We did have some technical issues on this episode. The audio tracks got out of sync towards the end of the episode and started to talk over each other at times. I will be looking into different software for the future to make it so that does not happen again. @jonyoudyer and I are somewhat new to the podcasting scene, but looking forward to learning as much as we can so we can make it a more pleasant listening experience for you all.