How did City Fest 2021!! go?


Was it worth the token spent?

About 3 days ago, I kicked of several events in dCity and called it City Fest 2021!!. dCity has a nice feature that they let you use other tokens in game. In particular, you can by Events, which are like holding a festival in your city for 24 hours. During that 24 hours, each event gives you an opportunity to win a card or other things, while boosting popularity and such during that time period.


During this time, I received 6 card. Of those, 5 were artists and one was a Worker. And, apparently I was able to train 1 worker at the end of that time.


Now my events are in cool down. Since I didn't receive any scientists, the STEM event was pretty much a bust. I guess the BEER event gave me 1 or maybe 2 Worker cards, but no Hard Worker cards. The CCC (art) and WEED events brought in the 5 artists.

When I did the STEM event last time, I did get a couple of Scientist cards, so I don't know if running all the events at once was a good or bad thing. And, since the chances are so small of getting anything, running the experiment again with deliver different results. I would have to have enough to run it 10 times as full events and 10 times as individual back-to-back events to see if one way was better than the other.


Since this didn't cost more than 24 HIve to get the six cards, I think I came out ahead.

It would have been nice if other factors cough hightaxes cough weren't in the way of blocking earnings during that time.

I still need 29 workers to fill all the possible jobs. I trained another one today. If I keep training 1 a day, in a month I will be at full employment. Maybe I will do another City Fest before then, if I earn some random Hive.


Let the positive energy sing!

More Power to the Minnows!!

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I'd be interested in seeing results from running it all again. See if maybe it was just a unlucky run or if that's the normal.