Memories ;)


Hi there #weedcash

Smoking cannabis started for me around the age of 13 i remember that i was with my friends going to the local hangout spot that was set up for teenagers that were hanging outside and were causing trouble. I was sitting at a table with some older kids were they like 16 or 17 years old.
We were sitting around a round metal table with matching chairs and at one moment the guy next to me passed me a joint.
Now i did smoke sometimes some Marlboro's that i picked from my mothers purse but never before i tried cannabis.
I took the joint and took a hit and exhaled then the guys started laughing the told me that i didn't know how to smoke it.
LOL it was a funny situation but then i took 2 big hits and just held it in as long as i could.
So after a few seconds i was almost trowing up but it was also very funny.
Then i think i sat at the table for like i half hour and i was looking at the handle off the door and i swear it was moving like a snake LOL and the weird thing is that it was the only thing that i can remember wen i was at this place.
My mates and i went home at one point and just had red eyes like tomato's so i just tried avoiding my parents and i went straight to my bed.
Here is were i started spacing hard as hell i was laying down and it felt like i was falling and also like a rollercoaster every time i closed my eyes it just go worse and worse... This kinda raps up my first cannabis experience i see a lot off difference in then & now.
In my younger days i have memories that i thought that people were looking at me or follow me LOL just paranoia now days i don't have this also i don't get red tomato eyes anymore haha and i must say i can smoke all day but not get such a great high as back then i guess i should first stop for like a month or something.

If you took the time to read this all then i really want to thank you for that.

I wish you all a great day...


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