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What does medicinal cannabis help against
medicinal cannabis has a very broad effect, depending on the dosage and ratio of CBD to THC. What are the exact results that are achieved with medicinal weed and what can you expect? After all, some diseases can only be made more bearable with medicinal cannabis, while other diseases and / or ailments can really be treated with medicinal cannabis.

When you experience a lot of stress, this can affect your mental state. A depression or burnout can quickly follow if you do not tackle the cause immediately. However, stress due to a high workload cannot always be treated immediately and medicinal weed can be used well against this. Because you will feel mental and physical relief, you will no longer be bothered by the stress. Always try to tackle stress at its source, as medicinal cannabis does not solve the problems but makes them more bearable.

Insomnia is a side effect of many medications, but also a problem in its own right. Medicinal weed, often with a lot of THC, not only ensures that you fall asleep, but that you also use your sleep more effectively. Using cannabis before going to sleep also affects neurotransmitters in the brain, so you will also experience fewer dreams. This can be positive for people with many nightmares or other sleeping problems.

MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
MS is an unpleasant disease from which the complaints can vary widely. Paralysis symptoms, pain and muscle cramps are common. Unfortunately, MS cannot (yet) be cured, but medicinal cannabis does help against a large number of MS-related complaints. For example, there will be less nausea, less memory loss, motor skills will improve and above all, the pain will decrease.

(Nerve) pain
A damaged nerve can cause significant pain, often in one part of the body. The pain will be greatly reduced by the use of medicinal cannabis. This temporarily reduces the paralysis or nerve pain. Medicinal cannabis for (nerve) pain is especially recommended when normal medication does not have the desired effect or as a supplement to regular medication.

Nausea and vomiting
A common side effect of other medications, but of course you can also suffer from nausea more often. Since medicinal weed has a positive effect on the vomiting system, you will experience a less nauseous feeling and therefore less vomiting. This is especially beneficial after cancer treatments and eating problems, for example.

Unfortunately, cancer itself cannot (yet) be treated with medicinal weed. However, a lot of complaints can be reduced that often arise as a result of treatments. Think of pain, feeling weak, losing weight due to no appetite and nausea. By tackling these problems effectively, you can often deal better with the endless side effects of the treatments.

During an epileptic seizure, the transfer of information in the brain does not go well. It is therefore stimuli in the brain that cause this. Medicinal cannabis can counteract these stimuli and shows good results in the fight against epilepsy. Pay attention to the correct dosage, as the wrong dosage or ratio can be counterproductive.

Muscle cramps
Muscle cramps can be harmless, but there are also severe painful muscle cramps or spasms from spinal cord damage, for example. Medicinal cannabis holds great promise for people for whom regular medication does not work. Cannabis has a positive effect on motor skills and relieves pain.

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