A Hand full off Amsterdammed Cheese special..

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Hi there my #weedcash followers,

I just had to share this with you guys.. Today i picked up a new batch at my supplier.
He had a great surprise for me he said and then he handed me a big bag off cannabis.
Wen i opened the zip lock bag the aroma just punched me in my face with a powerful blast...
This is something else i must say so strong and tasty with a sharp edge and after taste that stay with you for a while.
Just great i can appreciate this kind off quality i tells me that the grower put in his time and love.
These buds are just amazing so full and compact and i just rolled me an other one before writing this blog.

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I want to thank all the people here in the #weedcash community for taking the time to check out my blog!
We are living in hard times at the moment and i think better days will be ahead.
Stay strong, healthy and happy.

Kind regards,


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