4 kilo's Amnesia and purple pills ;)

Hi there #weedcash friends,


This was a crazy crazy weekend Friday i took the day off so i went to my supplier and wanted to get myself a great big bag off Amnesia Haze.
I got to his place and we just chilled a bit and then we got down to business we were standing in the garage and he took out a huge sealed bag off cannabis it was more the 4 kilo's i think this was the biggest bag i ever saw... Just amazing lol i took like 25grams and then he said ''i also got these'' he showed me 4 purple XTC pills shaped like an owls head and it had ''PANAMA'' written on the back.. Now i am not into these things a lot but with the lock down a curfew we are currently under and all i said to myself fuck it and i took two off them.
So i went home rolled me a fat joint off the beautiful green Amnesia haze and blazed it up..
My friend came over later and we popped this crazy pills omg that shit was so fucking crazy guys..
I felt like i could run around Amsterdam 20x and not get tired lol that stuff is very powerful believe me...
To bad all this covid shit is going on at the moment i am really missing a good party, festival or just going out to socialize.

Here i Amsterdam it's not like it use to be the weed prizes skyrocketed the last 20 years it is just sad to see how the politics and new laws are just closing coffeeshop and enforcing more and more restrictions. I don't buy weed from coffeeshop for years now don't get me wrong the weed is still good but you can get 3x more for the same price at a dealer then at the coffeeshop and the quality is great as well.
Amsterdam / The Netherlands used to be the nr1 country in the exploitation off cannabis and now we are just getting caught up in stupid rules and regulations...

image0 (1).jpeg

So this was my small story on my thoughts and my weekend i hope can appreciate it.
Have a great Sunday and bless you all peepzzz.


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Hi how Ya doing? Besides lock down, sounds OK! 👍🏼😁👍🏼
I was wondering, since You mentioned times had changed..
If You ever get down to Arnhem if any of My old playgrounds are still there?
Speak Easy, Cafe Harm, Joint Venture, etc...
Just wondering, cause if things ever get to a good place for Me (economically) it is a town that I would be in, for awhile!
Thanks and have an Awesome Sunday Eve.!


4 KG? really that is so much :D, enjoy that beauty bro